Friday, September 28, 2007

Severance Pay

The walk down the hall
Was filled with anxiety
And severance pay.

Yeah, I have layoffs on my mind this week. My sister works at Nielsen in Oldsmar, and they laid off hundreds of folks this week. When the whole process is finished, over 1250 workers will be out of a job across the company. That sucks. Even suckier: the laid off people have to work for the next 30 days, or they won't get their severance package.

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Anonymous said...

Even more suckier..., some of those who lost their jobs were told they would have to work until 'sometime into the 3rd quarter 2008', but an exact date could not be given until 30 days in advance. They would have to work thru that 30 days to receive their severance package. It's like being held hostage for it! Screw them!

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