Friday, August 15, 2008

A Celebrity

A celebrity
He sits at the sushi bar
Accosted by fans

So here's the deal. I live in Clearwater as does Hulk Hogan. He was in the sushi bar I had dinner at tonight. I didn't bother the man, but another dude did. The dude made a comment to the lady with Hulk Hogan thinking it was Hulk Hogan's daughter. Umm . . . faux pas. The young lady was not his daughter . . . I assume it was his date. Ha! I bet that smack felt like a dork for the daughter comment. The restaurant was that small that you couldn't help but here every conversation in the joint.

It just seems rude to bother celebrities . . . especially while they are eating. I wouldn't want some dork bothering me while I was dining with my date or family. But, who knows - maybe he enjoys the fans.

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