Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stalked by a Devil Duck

I blindly run home
Is that my heart pounding, or
Or demon wings flapping?

The infernal beast, Devil Duck, is still after me. Friday morning he came chasing me and my sister. Today he flapped after me as I was bringing in groceries.

I know this is the most idiotic thing most of you have ever heard, but I am terrified of this bird. He is huge, and I already have a bad memory of being attacked by a goose. When I was a young girl, I was wearing shorts and feeding ducks at a park. The geese at the pond came after me. I had a welt bigger than a quarter where one kept snapping my bare leg. They chased me to the parking lot trying to bite me. Yes, it sounds comical, and I would howl laughing if I saw this happening on a movie, I'm sure. But, when it's you in real life, it's scary!

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Susan said...

I love the sound of today's poem.

These things are scary because they're completely mad, and their bites hurt. This thing needs to become dinner at a local restaurant if you ask me; it's hard to believe that Animal Control won't do anything.

..unless of course, they're afraid of Muscovy ducks too!

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