Thursday, July 31, 2008

This Doctor is My Hero

Smiling, he came in . . .
This doctor is my hero.
He helped save my life.

So, it was the "big day" today. My oncology visit two years since my last cancer treatment (but still just a regular three-month check up). I arrived at the Big C place with no thoughts about problems - or praise. And, there were no problems. But, it was a different feel in the air compared to other visits.

Michelle, the nurse, made a point to tell me how pleased Dr. A is with my progress because I was such a "challenge." At first I wasn't sure if I should take that personally or what! haha. I was a GREAT patient according to them - I didn't gripe, I pushed on to the next chemo treatment even though he told me I could take a break because I was so weak. So, that wasn't it.

Next thing, Dr. A walks in the room and runs through the normal check list of stuff. He made a remark about the two year mark, and then he said, "your cancer was so aggressive, and I am just very pleased with your progress."

Umm . . . come again? I never realized it was such a challenging and aggressive tumor. And, thank goodness. I knew I was stage IIB, but I guess I had no comprehension what that meant.I would have tortured myself over it. Dr. A never let me do that. He is so great. But, still it was a little disconcerting to hear about it after the fact even. I just thank God that I am still cancer free. And, I thank God for Dr. A, my hero, who was smiling like a proud parent or something over my health today.

They were all pretty jazzed over me today, and that was a good feeling.

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